The one thing that continues to attract players to roulette, especially in Europe, is the low edge that the house possesses. The low house edge means there is a good chance of players picking up a decent win. Roulette is not only an exciting game to play but it is actually extremely easy to learn. In fact, the majority of new players tend to start their casino career by playing roulette. There have been hundreds of films that feature people playing this game, which helps increase its popularity. The problem with roulette is winning on a consistent basis is actually harder than most people tend to imagine.

In the past, many casinos have been caught out rigging their wheels, giving them a much higher house edge than they really should have. That being said, many new gaming laws have meant there has been a huge crack down throughout the world when it comes to casinos. That being said, be under no illusion; the casino still has a huge edge.

European wheels are actually the ones that offer players the best chance of winning, which is why it is so popular in Europe. For instance, a US wheel, which has 38 numbers on it (0 and 00) will give the house a 5.3% edge. On the other hand, a European wheel will offer almost half that edge to a casino, at just 2.7%. This means every 100 spins, a player will win 2-3 times more than if they spun on a US based wheel.

Of course, the US based casinos have figured why European roulette is so popular and have changed the way they structure their wheels. Nowadays, most wheels have 0-37 on them, rather than 0, 00 and 1-37.