Video poker is a game that is played on a slot machine. Players need to decide whether to hold or discard the cards they have been dealt (5 in total). Players can get a second deal in this game, but can also stand if they have a pat hand. This is one of the more popular games throughout the US.

Players need to ensure they know the difference between video poker and normal table poker:

  • Video poker uses a slot as the dealer, which does not aim to beat the player.
  • Bluffing will not work.
  • Players will not play against other players, so strong hands win.

Video poker has grown steadily since it was originally introduced back in the 80s and has continued to grow since. Rather than playing against other players, players will be playing with the machine which means waiting on other players to get involved is not something that is needed.

The pay scale will determine the exact payout for hands that players manage to achieve. Lots of hands are paid, including hands as low as a pair of tens, but much better payouts will be given for the likes of a flush. Wagers vary, with the smaller machines asking for a minimum of $0.25 in general. There are plenty of different types of video poker, including Jokers Wild.

The ranks of hands in video poker is similar to that of normal poker. It starts with five of a kind, following by a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house and a flush. More frequent hands include a straight, three of a kind, two pair and a pair. Remember that five of a kind is only possible with joker or wild cards.